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Antique & Fine Art Removals

One of the main worries when it comes to moving is the issue of valuables. The removal of antiques and fine art has to be handled correctly, carefully and safely by specialists.

Will that fragile piece of fine art or antique furniture make it? When it comes to antique and fine art removals 3B Removals have very specific methods unique to the job for packing and loading fragile items, both for removals and for storage.

Fine art

To ensure the safe removals of antique furniture and artwork, the materials we use include cardboard, various different types of bubble wrap, loose polystyrene (peanuts) and wooden crates. Paper is used to protecting China and glass before it is loaded in a cardboard box then into another double walled cardboard box.

Glass panes or mirrors should always have a layer of cardboard, as well as bubble wrap and edges and corners, need to be protected, as these are the most prone to damage. We provide a foam material designed specifically for corners and edges but layers of tape or extra cardboard can also work.
If it’s going into secure storage it is not a good idea to wrap antique furniture in plastic sheeting as this will trap moisture and, over time, create mold growth and damage.

All the materials we use are available and it is important to have the right kit, however a lot of antique furniture is very breakable and often irreplaceable so to ensure a safe removal for your antique items, it is wise not to work alone and to employ a specialist who will know exactly how to pack, and more importantly, how to load safely.

At Anthony Ward Thomas we have been working in the antique and fine art removal industry for over ten years and have specialized not only in private homes but in London auction houses, storing valuable antique items for lengthy periods of time before delivering them to the showroom. If you do choose to pack your antiques yourself, make sure boxes are clearly labeled and clear guidelines are followed with wrapping furniture so that we can ensure as a safe a removal for your antique items as possible.

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